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If someone you love dies from an overdose tonight, he may very well be to blame. He's called " El Mencho. The investigation documented CJNG operations in at least 35 states and Puerto Rico, a sticky web that has snared struggling business owners, thousands of drug users and Mexican immigrants terrified to challenge cartel orders. It also identified at least two dozen "cells," which the DEA defines as places where cartel members set up shop to do business and live in the communities.

The billion-dollar criminal organization has a large and disciplined army, control of extensive drug routes throughout the U. Its extreme savagery in Mexico includes beheadings, public hangings, acid baths, even cannibalism.

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The cartel circulates these images of torture and execution on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites to spread meet and intimidation. Adam died midsentence while writing a thank-you note to a friend on the eve of entering a rehab facility. While officials can't say how much of the U. The Courier Journal could not say with certainty who supplied the drugs that killed Adam Cooley. Throughoutreporters analyzed thousands of court records of more than criminal drug cases around the country and talked to more than federal drug agents, police officers, defense attorneys and prosecutors.

The investigation documented how in each new Gulfport, CJNG uses local traffickers who can blend in to sell their drugs, with no regard for their race or ethnicity. His testimony helped convict a trafficker connected to CJNG in CJNG even established a cell in south-central Virginia, buying or renting a cluster of modest homes in Axton girls an unincorporated community of roughly 6, And court records detail how the cartel lures those who need money to serve as drug or cash couriers or money launderers.

Both are now in prison for money laundering, and her sister, who has two children living in Kentucky, faces deportation. In cases in which immigrants resist the cartel's offer, CJNG members often threatened violence — to them or their loved ones back in Mexico, according to court cases and law enforcement officials. The cartel's expansion into smaller, unexpected communities began to mushroom about rican years ago as U. The Courier Journal's investigation into CJNG's surge comes during a recent wave of ificant violence among warring drug cartels in Mexico.

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Attackers in armored vehicles opened fire with high-caliber weapons, gunning down officers driving five SUVs. In a Nov. Critics say the Mexican president, known as AMLO, seems more concerned about using federal troops to keep South American immigrants out of his country than challenging the cartels. A high-ranking state official in Jalisco said Americans are too quick to blame Mexico for the U. In America, Hispanic workers find themselves looked at with suspicion because of political rhetoric that brands the drug trade and immigration as one and the same, say advocates for those workers.

Immigrants, some fleeing criminal violence themselves, can be victimized by cartels on both sides of the border and unfairly targeted by U. For year-old El Mencho, success did not come early.

He dropped out of sixth grade to help his family pick avocados. The teenager sneaked into the U. But he kept getting caught.

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As a young adult, he and his older brother, Abraham Oseguera Cervantes, sold heroin to two undercover police officers at a San Francisco bar in and were sent to federal prison on drug trafficking charges. El Mencho was deported in and then traveled to Tijuana.

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There, he built a thriving drug trafficking business, but the city's dominant cartel ordered him to leave when leaders became threatened by his success. El Mencho eventually ed the Milenio Cartel, gaining a reputation as a cunning sicarioor hitman, and then a boss of hitmen in Guadalajara, Jalisco's capital city. Passed over for promotion, El Mencho teamed with his in-laws who ran an affiliated cartel and forged his own criminal organization in early — CJNG.

He quickly amassed a private army, with CJNG members recruiting or kidnapping hundreds of men in their 20s and boys as young as The DEA's Donahue said many were taken to remote paramilitary camps where they were trained as assassins.

United states drop-off locations:

Those who tried to run were tortured, killed and sometimes cannibalized by fellow recruits in what U. His followers have spread to nearly all of Mexico's 32 states, including the cities of Guadalajara and Tijuana, both crucial Gulfport moving drugs into rican U. From there, El Mencho's empire went global, with a steady — and growing — customer base in the U.

InEl Mencho flexed that power to strike back at law enforcement who tried to stop him. Tipped off that a police caravan was on its way to grab El Mencho, CJNG hitmen hid girls the route in April and ambushed four police vehicles. Cartel members fired hundreds of rounds and hurled grenades and jugs of gasoline. Federal police officer Ivan Morales, his partner and soldiers with the Mexican meet defense climbed aboard helicopters and headed toward a CJNG compound in the Jalisco mountains.

Flames left Morales disabled and disfigured. Just hours after the crash, the cartel carried out coordinated attacks in 39 cities, blowing up banks, gas stations and setting cars and semis on fire on major highways to slow down police reinforcements. Through corruption and intimidation, CJNG has thrived, even as it found additional ways to make money.

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It also operated a tequila label, casinos, two shopping centers, a medical clinic, real estate companies and a Pacific Ocean resort frequented by Americans, according to U. Treasury Department records. Adults and children are forced to work in CJNG's crude meth super labs — vats on patches of dirt hidden in the jungle. Entire families who resist have been slaughtered, Donahue said. The cartel also recruits spies in the Mexican government and police to keep its leaders out of jail and avoid drug busts.

Those who refuse bribes are threatened or killed. A veteran Jalisco police officer, who asked not to be identified for his safety, said CJNG has officials on its payroll at meet local, state and federal levels. The information leaks make catching El Mencho extremely difficult, he said. CJNG's plan to move into small-town America and cash in on the country's addiction crisis played out in Lexington, Kentucky. There, amid the lush pastures and white rail fences, a Mexican immigrant with a sinister secret quietly groomed prized thoroughbreds at historic Calumet Farm, according to court records.

Ciro Macias Martinez was praised by his supervisor and fellow farmhands alike for his punctuality, work ethic and soothing manner with horses at the breeding and training farm in the heart of Kentucky. During that time, overdoses sent more victims to Kentucky's morgues than bullets and car crashes combined — with the commonwealth suffering the fifth-highest overdose death rate in the nation. Agents say Macias didn't involve Calumet in his drug crimes. His boss, Eddie Kane, Calumet's general manager, declined repeated requests for comment.

Macias' associate, Imanol Pineda Penaloza, headed a cell in Louisville while running his drug business through his used tire Gulfport, Los 3 Hermanos. Macias recruited Brizeida Janett Sosa, the mother of his youngest child, to help organize the money laundering scheme, court records would later show. To help Macias smuggle drugs into the U. Girls the air vents. Pull up the seat. Someone aware of rican Lexington-Louisville operation talked to a DEA agent inwho, in turn, flagged investigators in Kentucky. On April 13,federal agents arrested Macias on his way to Calumet Farm.

Macias and Sosa were convicted of meth trafficking and money laundering and are serving 31 and 15 years, respectively, in federal prison.

A ruthless mexican drug lord’s empire is devastating families with its grip on small-town usa

Eleven months after the Lexington raid, a SWAT team crept in the darkness and blasted off the front door of the tire shop owner's house in Louisville. It hauled in more than 3 kilos of fentanyl, the synthetic opioid so potent that an amount as small as Abraham Lincoln's cheek on a penny can be fatal.

CJNG wasn't the only cartel in the Bluegrass State inbut authorities say it was the main supplier of fentanyl — when Louisville's Adam Cooley, who sought heroin, snorted 20 times a lethal dose. CJNG's Kentucky strategy has been repeated in town after town across America, in places better known for cheese, cows and corn.

CJNG is also using a mix of street gangs and white-collar businessmen to move the drugs and hide the money.

In Illinois, the cartel teamed with Vice Lords gang members to grow a drug network that stretched from Southern California through the Midwest and into Nashville and Paducah, Kentucky — known for its riverwalk murals and the National Quilt Museum. After agents toppled the drug ring, the cartel turned on the gang. Alderete was indicted in September in Chicago on charges of trafficking more than a kilo of heroin and at least grams of fentanyl from May to June of this year.

While Luis Alderete maintains his innocence, court records show that his brother, Roberto Alderete, identified Luis as a cartel lieutenant. Roberto is awaiting sentencing in Paducah in August for trafficking meth while armed with a gun.

Parra Pedroza and Pineda Sanchez received 13 and 15 years, respectively, in prison after both pleaded guilty to money laundering. He was not a millionaire," Beaumont said. To build their lucrative drug networks in the U. In America, El Mencho expects cartel members and associates to avoid violence, hide wealth and disguise their CJNG affiliations, agents say. And federal prosecutors alleged in court that convicted drug trafficker Jesus Enrique Palomera, the leader of a cartel cell in Tacoma, Washington, ordered the kidnapping and murder of a man whose fingers and toes were chopped off — a common method of torture in Mexico.

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During a brief telephone call from prison in AugustPalomera said he is a family man who never harmed anyone. I don't really care what the prosecutor says. Beginning inthe U. That deation allowed the department to levy sanctions against Mexican businesses linked to the cartels, including a sushi restaurant, a tequila business, shopping centers, a medical clinic, two newspapers and famed Hotelito Desconocido, visited by Hollywood stars.

The strategy: Make it illegal for any U. It also forbids any U. Unlike his reclusive father, the year-old lived in a luxury high-rise apartment in downtown Guadalajara and often stepped out in deer clothes to eat in fancy restaurants. Mexican marines almost captured El Mencho in October They stormed a hideout west of Guadalajara, but the cartel leader climbed into a vehicle and was rushed to safety.

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On Oct. More than 60 were targeted, including a biotech consulting company, a bakery and hillside vacation cabins. On the run and out of sight, El Mencho is described by some veteran agents as a ghost. From the shadows, he continues to lead CJNG with ruthless authority. Even if U.

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