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Search America's historic newspaper s from or use the U. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between present.

Name: Carrie

How old am I: 42
Caters to: Guy
My hair: Dark-haired
My Zodiac sign: I'm Pisces
What I prefer to drink: Stout
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Search America's historic newspaper s from or use the U. Newspaper Directory to find information about American newspapers published between present. Chronicling America is sponsored tly by the National Endowment for the Humanities external link and the Library of Congress.

Learn more. A-T Sl. I la tltecl August 1U, Louis A Pacific By. East Bound Traim leave No. Miiil No. Atlantic Express ii 6. Ai'i-onimotiatkm No. I- AccoiiimiKiatiou No. Way Freight. D :2S a. Iiu John B. East Bound Trains leave No.

Mail No. M Louis Express No. V llenver Express No. Leaves 7 00 a. P- No. Daily Except Sunday. Ticket Agent.

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Kemper, Now own the West Side 12 52 D. IIU '. Gibbs' drug store, North side of square.

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EEED, D. Call and Try Them. The reputation of Hoatetter's Stomach Bitter as preventive of epidemics, a stomachic, an lnvigorant, a general re storative, and a specific for fever and ague, indigestion, billons eflections.

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Keienno, Mrs. Board Directors. Devoted to Hie Education of r-Tovuxg; Tiadlga. Shea, Mexico, Mo. North side ol public square. Surgical cases and diseases peculiar to lemales nade a specialty. Office : North side Public Square. Will furnish plans and erect buildings in this and ading counties on moderate terms. Itf C. Hakdix, Pres. Kicketts, Cash'r R. Ass't Cashier.

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CITY 2, Lcitfs Celebrated Premium' Beer Always fresh and cold. Trv Weimer's Bob White five cent cigar est character of instruction none better, lor sale at wis Dar. Call on "Billie" and "Charlie," and they will treat you right. No boys, of any age, admitted. Character and class of scnooi consmerea, guaranteed tne cneapesc in the West. Eighty boarding pupils and a large local patronage last session attest the popularity of Hardin College both abroad and at nome. In the Music add Art Departments 2J0 names were enrolled. No other female college makes such an exhibit, and this Indicates the high- n cnarauter oi instruction.

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Address, for eleventh annual catalogue. BAiiii Business juauager.

Of Deposits received and paid on demand. Collections promptly attended to.

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Mexico, o. Our prices are reasonable and Satisfaction Guaranteed. Jack Pollard, and consolidated the two, where he can be found with a force of eight first-class barbers.

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Give him a call. In West's Block, near S. September 4. Haunted Houses are not uncom mon. Everybody bas read Dickens' "The Haunted Man and the Ghost's Bargain," and even a haunted ship has sometimes been heard of ; but it has remained for recent times and the State of Missouri to produce so extensive a supernatural locality as a "Haunted Hill. The town of Mexico, the capital of Audrain county, Mo.

Indeed, it would appear that its lead ing characteristics are religious and educational, since it has no fewer than ten churches fan average of one to every inhabitants men, women and children and an estab lishment for the higher education of young women, Hardin College. But neither its numerous religious structures, nor its accommodations for the culture of the fair sex render the town of Mexico proof against su pgrnatural vimtation of a peculiarly refractory kind.

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And this it was, until the occurrence of a startling and numerous series of casualties in that immediate locality gave it an evil name and caused it to be deserted for purposes of transportation, save when necessity absolutely required its use.

The farmers who live in the neigh borhood of the "Haunted Hill" state that within the past year there have been as many as fifty runaways, smash-ups and other accidents to ve hicles, with serious injury to limb, and even occasional loss of life.

This is the more unable that the road is a good one, well kept up, and that no possible reason can be as ed by the existence there of any object, alarming in its nature, which should frighten horses and cauBe them to turn wild, as they do, and run from it, breaking, overturning and generally damaging the vehicles to which they are attached and their oc cupants.

Here old fragments of buggies, carryalls, driving wagons and buck-boards can be seen strew- m. Plow and Machinery work of all. No sooner goes the, story steed becomins: suddenly unmanage able, when he is fortunate if he passes through the mysterious dangers which he encounters without 'meeting with some serious accident Only a week ago a farmer was returning home af ter a visit made in the neighborhood driving, late in the afternoon, a pair of sturdy old work horses, not in the least likely to be fretted and disturb ed by anything not of the nature of a material obstacle.

But hardly-had they begun to descend the hill when they, broke into a "cold sweat" and a gallop, and with one impulse dashed pell mell down the road, overturned the heavy farm wagon, dashing it to pieces, fired the family and the farm er broadcast, and tore straight home in a frenzy of fear.

One ot the Ancient Honaments Aadraln County. Naturally, so many and such fie quent material disasters have given rise to all sorts of blood-curdling nar ratives, which are related by the peo ple of Mexico and the surrounding country with the greatest possible zest The ordinary ghost of the pe riod is served up in every imaginable form, accompanied by the most fear f ul and horrifying characteristics. He is mounted on a "pale horse ;" he is a gigantic figure, clad in pure white apparently floating in the air ; he is a grisly skeleton, surmounted by ghastly death's-head, in the shape of a specially horrible, grinning skulL But one story which is universally be lieved and generally related, states that last year there appeared in the neighborhood of the haunted "hill," an apparition or mysterious being of which there are twenty different ve racious descriptions afloat, which was seen by many persons, among them one John Creasy, whom it scared nearly into fits in every instance, and which was believed to make its spe cial habitation in a large, lonely cave in the woods back of the summit of the hill road.

Capital and Surplus paid In. William Stvabt, j.

Makmaduxk, President Cashier. John M. Menelee, W. Thomas HarrtMu. Also, in the same building, a well selected stock of Notions, Glassware. Call and see for yourself. Promenade and Jefferson Streets, near Pease's grocery store.

I keep the very best meats, both froesh and salt, in the cityand II you want choice cuts of either give me a call. I have Just put In a large Cooling Chest, the most commodious ever in the town, where all meats are kept on Ice. Apply at my market. Prescriptions Correctly Com pounded.

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Barnum's Hotel MS. MO does a team commence the ascent or descent of the fateful hill than the horse lays bask his ears, perspiration starts from his skin and foam from his mouth, he becomes restless and nervous, shies at everything he sees, and finishes by rearing, bucking and finally tearing along the road, zig-zag, generally smashing his wagon, and fleeing himself, as though pursued by the Evil One. The hill road being a pleasant one in many respects, beside being the main route leading everywhere, it was nat urally the scene of many pleasant driving parties until its bad reputa tion became thoroughly established.

When, however, the young ladies had been spilled by dozens into the grass or among the stones promising flirtations and even engagements be ing thus rudely interrupted or ob structed no young female collegian could be induced to go out with her best young man driving, until he had promised to avoid the "Haunted Hill.

Mexico, Mo. About eight miles northeast of this city stands two singular boulders called" the "Twin Rocks.

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